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Smallville Forever...


#smallville#Clex#Lex Luthor#Clark Kent#Michael Rosenbaum#Tom Welling#My Stuff~#mcsourwolf#jakegreens#First I end up crossing over Lex and Clark's relationship with Sherlock inspired quotes#and then I turn around and end up crossing them over with *Thor* inspired quotes!#All my newest Clex related graphics are starting to become nothing but crossovers and I honestly don't know how to react to such a thing.#But even despite all the insane crossovers--this little crossover here has been seriously long coming for a while now.#I've been wanting to crossover Loki's line to Thor in the deleted scene of the movie and set it to Lex and Clark's friendship for AGES now.#I mean honestly...from Lex's point of view the line is just way too similar and fits far too well for it's own good!#So yeah! I finally ended up crawling out of my laziness and finally got around to making the GIFset that I've wanted to do#since I first heard this line!#And to be perfectly honest--I'm acutally very happy with how these turned out in the end!#Getting these under the limit was kind of a pain in the butt--mostly with the last GIF--but all in all I really love how they look!#And I'm hardly ever happy with my own stuff so that's saying something! XD#So yeah--all in all--Ponnie is just being silly and making very emotional and super fluffy crossover Clex related GIFsets.#Please enjoy and please don't try and kill her because of the intense amounts of feelings that you will end up getting from looking at this!#Save that for the moments when I'm being really naughty and making angst related fan fiction~ :P
#smallville#Clex#Lex Luthor#Clark Kent#Michael Rosenbaum#Tom Welling#My Stuff~#This was originally supposed to be moving GIFs...#but considering how utterly difficult it always seems to be to make half decent GIFs of this adorable scene#I just simply decided to chicken out and go the simple way.#Which means abusing gorgeous HDNet quality Clex related screenshots of course.#But can you seriously blame me for making something based around this scene in Whisper?#It's one of my all time favorite underrated Clex moments and I simply adore it from beginning to end!#Lex's awkward worry around Clark because of his blindness.#Clark trying to reassure his friend that it's okay--and even though Lex can so easily see through the mask--he'll find some way to overcome#and deal with this new development in his life.#Their precious little smiles at one another as they sit on the couch and talk.#And most importantly--the smile that Lex gives Clark when Clark tells him that his blindness is something he'll just#have to learn to live with.#It's one of the most beautiful--genuine and utterly adorable sad little smiles that I've ever seen Lex have...#because you know he's proud of Clark--but he's also incredibly worried about him and upset that this happened--#but despite everything he just kind of has to smile because Clark's acting so strong and brave and#what's always hurt me most is because it really is such a beautiful smile from Lex to Clark...#and Clark doesn't even see it or isn't even aware that Lex did it.#One of the most emotional smiles Lex has ever given the boy and he only does it when he knows Clark can't see his 'weakness'.#Asfsdgh and that basically sums up why I love this scene and I why I finally made something based around this scene.#Because it's perfect and flawless and this scene is adorable and they are precious to me.#That is all~ :'3

“Merry Christmas, Lex.” Clark said with a tender smile as he placed an arm on his friend’s shoulder, bringing him close.Lex turned slightly and looked up at Clark, their eyes locking with each other as he reached out and placed a hand on the young man’s back, matching the Kent’s smile with one of his own. “You too, buddy.”

Who will be your pretty little enemy?
When I’m gone your world will prove empty.
I promise you will always remember me.
We’re one and the same…Deranged.

We have a destiny together, Clark…